Sunday, July 5, 2009

Getting It Done

I don't know if anyone has noticed, but it's only July 5th and I've nearly finished my to-do list! I had given myself a month to finish this list and it's only taken about a week. With some focused effort I could have had all of the items crossed off (except the books - peace and quiet comes in such small increments at my house! I'm sure many of you fellow momma's can relate! I hope I don't offend any Jane Austen fans, but I cannot finish Sense and Sensibility. It's painful for me to read. Just so boring.) Anyway, the things that are left seem to be multiple step things - I need to do something else before I can finish them, so they are taking a bit more time.

Putting my to-do list down somewhere instead of keeping it all in my head was the simplest thing, but I accomplished so much just by taking that step. In the book, "Getting Things Done", David Allen suggests making lists of all of your 'to-do's' - daily, weekly, monthly, even those things you'd like to do at some point in time but have no concrete plans of doing it right now. His reasoning is that when you have all of these things floating around in your mind, you can't really get anything done because you're constantly bogged down. Your mind will only remind you that you need to do these things when you can't really do anything about it. His great example was to think of if you have any flashlights in your home that need batteries. Now think of when you are most likely to remember that you need batteries....right! When you go to use the flashlight!

So my goal is to make this a weekly habit. Every Sunday, writing my to-do list for that week. I even made a cute little button for it - so feel free to steal the button and join in! What's your to do list for this week? Here's mine:
  1. Get tire fixed on car.
  2. Backup pictures on discs.
  3. Clean house for Brenna's Party
  4. Shop for Brenna and her birthday party!
  5. Gather financial paperwork for records.
  6. Birthday present for my good friend.

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