Monday, April 19, 2010

Menu Plan Monday, My Kids and Prayer Request!

I accidentally threw away the menu I had written I hope I remember what I'd planned!

Monday - lasagna
Tuesday - turkey manhattans
Wednesday -  Mexican Chicken and Rice
Thursday - chicken, bacon, ranch sandwiches
Friday - homemade pizza

I realized that I haven't posted pictures of the kids in forever! So here's a few...

Here's Riley modeling the robot shorts I made for him.

Brenna found her winter hat one morning and decided to wear it.

One more thing! There have been lots of babies on my mind lately. First is James. His mom and I went to school together and he is working on recovering from a big surgery. Next is Paxton. His mom writes one of my favorite blogs and is a brand new parent! William was also born recently - his mom also writes one of my favorite blogs. Last but certainly not least (and no link for him!) is Kellen. He was born a month early but is doing remarkably well and already at home! Babies are such a special part of life and certainly change everything.  If you could say a little prayer for these babies and their parents, I'd appreciate it!

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    this is the pizza crust recipe I used both for the pizza and breaksticks. It makes almost like a deep dish style pizza so if you like a thinner crust for the pizza, I would find a different one, but it made good breadsticks! I just spread out the dough directly onto the baking stone (or pizza pan) and then topped it with some melted butter, garlic salt, parmesan cheese, and oregano. I then cut the sticks before I baked it and then cute it again after it baked. 425 degrees. Enjoy!


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